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Hi there and welcome to my blog!

This is my first entry and I have to say it’s quite a challenge. Whenever you think of writing a blog, so many ideas cross your mind of what you could write about. But actually sitting in front of the screen and trying to find the perfect first entry – impossible I would say!

Oh well, here I am. I think it is a good start to introduce myself. Currently, I am a postgraduate student in the UK, originally from Germany. At the moment I am doing a degree in international communication. And here we are. That’s the first reason why I start this blog. As learning to be a communication professional why not start with some communication right away 🙂

Additionally, I will be writing my dissertation soon. And, as so many before me, I chose my area of interest to be social media. And have a wild guess… YES about blogging! That’s why I figured, if I will be writing the next 3-4 months about blogs, I should at least experience writing them myself.

So, here I am starting my own blog preventing myself to go mad during my dissertation period…


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