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Hype about new Facebook facial recognition..

I won’t be sharing any tips about how to disable or enable this setting. I just wanted to quickly share my opinion. This topic has been spreading all over the internet and blogs the last few days causing all kinds of debates such as the never ending privacy setting debate.

I find it quite amusing, i don’t think it actually is as bad as the other privacy settings where everyone can see your pictures, your birthday, your wall etc. This one is ONLY for your friends, which makes it quite useful. Or not? Well, i think it does. However, i tried it and it didn’t work! Well maybe it still needs some time to work proper?! Oh well.. But in all this hassle about this new setting, people should first check the other settings as they are way more important! And too many people still do not care and live their social media lifes pretty open. So fix that first instead of going on about useful new features i would say.

Facebook… With this name, who could have not seen this happening sooner or later 🙂


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