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Corporate blogs in Germany – where are they??

Looking at German corporate blogs for my dissertation i needed to decide on the criterias for the companies i will look at. I decided to look at the major and biggest companies in Germany. Therefore, i’ve got a whole list of ¬†German companies which are in the Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000. However, looking through them not even a quarter of them blogs! What??

Overall, their social media activities are just starting, compared to UK and US companies. I was surprised to see such a big difference. Of course, some companies do use social media, but blogging, as a really important tool of “real” conversation with the stakeholder, is not common yet. Most of the companies ¬†blog about the jobs in the company and how to start a career in their company.

Well i haven’t looked through all of them yet, maybe i will get a big surprise at the end and lots of the companies i haven’t looked at are actually blogging… I will see…

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