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Corporate blogs in Germany – where are they??

Looking at German corporate blogs for my dissertation i needed to decide on the criterias for the companies i will look at. I decided to look at the major and biggest companies in Germany. Therefore, i’ve got a whole list of  German companies which are in the Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000. However, looking through them not even a quarter of them blogs! What??

Overall, their social media activities are just starting, compared to UK and US companies. I was surprised to see such a big difference. Of course, some companies do use social media, but blogging, as a really important tool of “real” conversation with the stakeholder, is not common yet. Most of the companies  blog about the jobs in the company and how to start a career in their company.

Well i haven’t looked through all of them yet, maybe i will get a big surprise at the end and lots of the companies i haven’t looked at are actually blogging… I will see…


All beginnings are difficult…

Second post here it is!

As mentioned before, I am going to focus on corporate blogging in my dissertation. Basically everything what comes with social media is in my area of interest. The most however I am interested in SEO and web analytics, but after reading for days I could not really find a specific topic which I could actually investigate in my study. I remembered that I was just looking before at corporate blogs and that, for one of my internships, I was helping to develop a corporate blog. This is a major decision for a company as it can be an easy target for critics. Companies need to take into account all kinds of elements. What to write about? Industry, company or product related? Or other topics for example about their CSR activities? In what name? Single or multiple authors? etc etc..

I had a look around and not many studies were conducted before in this area, and if, most of them were carried out in the US. This gave me the idea of conducting a study about corporate blogs in Germany. Of course, in the US they are always one step ahead and having a corporate blog in the communication mix is a “must have”. But is this the case in Europe (and in Germany) as well?

I will find out…. 🙂

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