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SEO/online marketing job search…

I just handed in the proposal for my master dissertation and thought since i intend to finish my dissertation in 2 months from now on i should start looking for jobs.

This is definitely easier said then done. Well i’m not that fussy when it comes to my first job. I don’t care where i am going next, therefore all around the world is fine with me. However, even the entry level positions nowadays require an experience from 1-5 years. Really? How are you supposed to have that much experience when you just graduate. I mean of course, you can do internships and stuff (which i did!), but still an average of 2 years experience minimum required is not really what a graduate has to offer. Oh well, i think i first have to look for another internship then, or maybe a trainee program.

Therefore, apart from writing my dissertation i just keep on searching for jobs… Fingers crossed 🙂

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